Aerial Mapping

Building Orthophoto
Building Orthophoto
Base Measurement
Base Measurement
Jiangnan Garden Place

An important application of UAV is in photogrammetry. In the past, our UAV is equipped with full-frame non-metric camera (Canon 5D Series). Now, it is equipped with medium format metric camera (PhaseOne iXU150). In addition to orthophoto, our UAV can also produce high-precision topographic map data. The scale size is increased from 1:1,000 to 1:500, producing the data below GSD 5 cm.

PhaseOne iXU150 Medium Format Metric Camera

With the high maneuverability, the multi-rotor UAV can fly along the river way to get high-resolution river way images.

Producing 1m contour line topographic map data

In addition, through collection of regular aerial photography data, the changes in landform and even in lake level can be analyzed.

Analysis of lake level (red line: 60 cm water level difference)

Image taken by PhaseOne iXU150 medium format metric camera (raw image: GSD 3.5 cm)

1:1 display image taken by PhaseOne iXU150, with clearly visible roadside drain holes

These images and produced result data can be combined with the GIS system for effective analysis, simulation, estimation and others. The high absolute precision can also be used for engineering design evaluation.

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